Beast Pets

Beast Pets is a VR sandbox where baby dragon pups live and play.

Currently, we are raising a litter of baby Woodland Dragons, one of the cuddliest dragon species you will ever meet. Come play with our baby dragons in Beast Park.

Beast Pets is available for commercial licensing.


  • Supports HTC Vive and Oculus Rift (via SteamVR)

  • Family-friendly experience

  • Free roam / world exploration

  • Integrated onboarding for new users

  • Magical AI-driven dragon pups

  • Gemstones giving player magical powers & abilities



Beast, Inc. is a San Francisco startup that brings virtual pets to life through AI, XR, and a little bit of magic.

Our vision is to create magical pets that behave like our real pets — with unique temperaments, social dynamics, the ability to make choices, and the capacity to learn and grow with us. By leveraging artificial intelligence and spatial computing, we can break down barriers between virtual pets and their humans, foster deeper emotional connection, encourage emergent behaviors, and create more opportunities for unpredictable moments of delight to really shine. .

Beast, Inc.’s investors and mentors include Boost VC and the Women in XR Venture Fund.