Meet Team Beast


Vivian Tan, co-founder & ceo

Vivian has been creating content for virtual worlds and games for more than 10 years, first designing a hit fashion brand in Second Life and then coaxing kids into enjoying math through a 3D number adventure game featured in a Stanford University MOOC. She is currently raising a litter of cheeky virtual baby dragons that live in XR and occasionally regretting giving strong opinions to AI.


Mat Tyndall, Co-founder & CTO

Mat is a full-stack developer and an expert in rapid iteration. Mat has a B.S. Engineering Physics from UC Berkeley and an M.S. in Nanoengineering from UC San Diego. Before becoming a full-time Beast Trainer, Mat co-founded an entertainment analytics startup for predicting and decoding how people respond to media.

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Katie Hughes, Product Designer

Katie is an XR Product Designer who ensures that all baby-dragon-flying-puppy-related activities are user friendly! She co-founded the San Francisco-based “Roomscale Designers” meetup group, and previously worked as a UX/UI designer for YBVR. Katie is an ARVR Academy alumni as well as a 3x emerging tech hackathon winner (one of her projects was an augmented reality pet called “Holo-Dog”; go figure!)


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